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Natural Health Awards: Best Cat Treats- Fussie Cat

Natural Health Awards: Best Cat Treats- Fussie Cat

Love at First Lick

Pets and treats are as synonymous as children and snacks. We provide treats for our precious pets as a symbol of our love and appreciation for them. Cat owners can attest to the fact that finding the right kind of treat for their feline pet can be quite tricky, for apart from having to deal with their cat’s fussiness, a loving cat owner would want to ensure that the treat they offer is delicious and nutritious.

With Fussie Cat Purée Treats, you can never go wrong! It’s natural, it’s healthy, and it’s tasty. These Puree Treats are a great way to bond with you cats and make them go “Meow!” with love! The treats are available in 16 variants with creamy textures and rich tastes, likening them to love at first lick.Indulgent and flavourful, Fussie Cat Purée Treats are made from carefully sourced, wholesome ingredients that are brimming with vitamins and minerals. Rich in Vitamin E for healthy skin and coat, and with added taurine for healthy eyes and heart, Fussie Cat Purée Treats make every cat owner smile with joy as their beloved pets enjoy their tasty, nutritious treat!

Natural Health Awards: Best Cat Treats- Fussie Cat

Fussie Cat Purée Treats are available in Tuna, Chicken and Fresh series, with varieties such as Tuna with Chicken Puree, Tuna with Salmon Puree, Tuna with Prawns Puree, Chicken with Duck Puree, Chicken with Beef Puree, Ocean Fish Puree and Sardine Puree just to name a few. It is completely understandable if a cat owner would want to keep stock of every variant for their beloved feline friend!

The high-moisture treats help to rehydrate your beloved cat, and are just what your pampered pet needs as a healthy addition to their daily diet for an active, healthy and happy life! Fussie Cat Purée Treats contain no grains, no artificial preservatives, and no colouring.

Source: Natural Health 2023 on Best Cat Treats Fussie Cat

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