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Hypoallergenic Dog Food

Hypoallergenic Dog Food

If your dog is displaying any of these, then they may have an allergy, and the food is usually the first thing to look at.

  • Itchy skin or excessive scratching

  • Gastrointestinal problems, such as bloating, diarrhea or vomiting

  • Dry skin or a dull coat

  • Chronic or recurrent ear infections

  • Redness of the paws or skin at belly

  • Loss of energy or loss of appetite

“My dog seems to scratch a lot and have diarrhea occasionally.”

The food may be the root of the problem although it is not always in exact. However, it is usually the first course of action. Your veterinarian will probably ask you to switch to a hypoallergenic dog food.

If you notice any allergy reactions displayed by your furkid, see your veterinarian before making the switch. Your vet may want to investigate other possible causes before you make the change.

What is hypoallergenic dog food?

“What is hypoallergenic dog food?” you may ask.

Hypoallergenic dog food is all about eliminating the risk of allergies and intolerances. It uses unique and novel proteins that are not recognised by your dog’s antibodies as antigens. The ingredients in it do not contain allergens which may cause a dog to react to it with an allergic reaction. The common allergens include beef, chicken, dairy products, beef, or grains. And, most dogs are usually allergic to more than one thing.

Dog Food Allergen

Dogs with reported allergic reaction (%)



Dairy Products








Source: BMC Veterinary Research, published Jan 2016. This research was conducted in Australia, Europe and North America.

“Hypoallergenic Dog Food uses ingredients that do not contain allergens

that may cause your dog to react with an allergic reaction.”

Additionally, hypoallergenic dog food is made from a list of wholesome and nutritious ingredients to provide your dog a complete nutrient profile. It is generally void of any preservatives, chemicals or artificial colours.

In short, hypoallergenic dog food is less likely or will not trigger an allergic reaction when a dog eats it.

Why should I feed my dog hypoallergenic food?

There are plenty of reasons why hypoallergenic dog food is better for your pup. Other than the reasons discussed above, they also use delicious novel protein and provide a complete and balanced diet. You may want to check out Zignature – The best hypoallergenic dog food.

Not only a hypoallergenic formula, Zignature only uses limited ingredients in its recipe, ensuring a clean diet that eliminates the common allergens. Its meat first philosophy provides a high in protein diet for your dog to thrive, while remaining grain-free and chicken-free. Zignature hypoallergenic dog food is suitable for dogs from all life stages, from puppies to adult dogs.

Here are some other benefits of hypoallergenic dog food:

  • Minimise the risks of subsequent health issues in a long run, such as obesity, digestive problems and more

  • Reduce the risk of your dog suffering from allergies, and this is the main function of hypoallergenic dog food

  • Consequently, save your time and money as you do not need to make more visits to the vet due to allergies

“A proper diet if hypoallergenic dog food can

significantly lower the risk of several health issues.”

The main benefit of feeding your dog hypoallergenic food is that he is unlikely to be allergic in any way to the food you give him – which is the most important thing to consider. A proper diet of hypoallergenic dog food can significantly lower the risk of several health issues mentioned above, too.

You may want to start to look for a hypoallergenic dog food for your furkid with his favourite meat protein.

What other dog parents say?

Of course, it is also a good idea to check out the experiences from other dogs or reviews from the dog parents. You may find some references there. Similarly, sharing your experience will be a good act as you may help the next dog parents to solve their dog’s problems.

"Being a picky eater, Elsie absolutely LOVESSSSSSSSSSS her Zignature Kangaroo!"

- Jun & Jaeyoon

Being a picky eater, Elsie absolutely LOVESSSSSSSSSSS her Zignature Kangaroo!

“We changed Elsie's diet to Zignature after she got a patch of fur shaved off due to yeast infection. My vet said that diet could cause it, we found potato being used in her previous food. We searched for reviews and learnt more on label reading, understanding that Zignature is hypoallergenic, potato-free, grain-free, chicken-free and Low-GI! ”

"Zignature helps to eliminate most of my worries!"

- Yong

Zignature helps to eliminate most of my worries!

“My dog is allergic to ALMOST everything! Being stuck on medicated food previously, I found Zignature being the closest product to providing a clean diet! Single protein. potato, grain and chicken-free helped eliminate most of my worries! It being a low carb food also meant NO FAT HIP DISPLAYSIC DOG!”

If your dog is facing similar problems like Elsie or Yong’s dog, you may want to read more about Zignature dog food. It is always good to discuss with your vet to understand if Zignature fits your dog’s diet.

Bear in mind – Allergies don’t disappear in one day

You have got a clearer picture about hypoallergenic dog food, it is worth pointing out a few things. While these foods are a great wat to minimise the risk of allergies, as a dog parent, you should also understand that it may take some time to find out the right hypoallergenic dog food for your furkid. Remember, every dog is different.

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