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How to Find the Best Tasting Dog Food

how to find best tasting dog food - zignature edition

Do you have a dog that flat-out refuses to eat? Will they keep their kibble in their bowl for days? If your dog is obviously hungry but still is snubbing their nose at their food, it just may not be to their liking.

Nutrition is the foundation of your dog’s health. Making sure they are getting all the necessary protein, essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals is vital. Finding the best tasting dog food can be a challenge. After all, it isn’t like you are going to taste-test it yourself. Here are a few tips on finding a dog food your pup will love.

Look at the Ingredients

The law requires that all dog food brands provide an ingredient label that lists everything contained within that food. Before making a new purchase, read the nutrition label carefully. Grain-free dog foods should contain meat as the primary ingredient. High-quality grain-free dog food will contain single-sources of protein. For example, Zignature’s whitefish formula will only include whitefish.

As carnivores, dogs instinctively prefer food that contains a high amount of meat. By choosing a grain-free dog food, it is more likely that it will appeal to your dog’s palate more so than one filled with tasteless grain or byproduct slurries.   

Read Online Reviews

Another way to find the best tasting dog food is to read customer reviews and testimonials. You aren’t the first dog owner with a picky eater. Instead of having to try a multitude of different dog foods, rely on other pet owners’ experiences to help guide your choices. If you notice a trend of positive reviews, it is a good indication that you should give that brand a try.

try zignature dry food

Talk to Your Local Pet Store Owner

Local pet store owners often hear about the trials and tribulations of owning a dog. Odds are, they have been asked about the best tasting dog food before. Ask for their opinion, they have probably heard about other customers’ success with grain-free dog foods and know the brands they recommend. Occasionally pet stores are given sample packs of certain foods so owners can give it a try without having to purchase an entire bag. Ask if they have any samples and try it with your pooch.

If you are looking for the best tasting dog food, we urge you to give Zignature a try. 

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