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Change a Pet’s Life Day

change a life - adopt pets, give them a new meaning in life. Adopt, don't shop

There’s been a movement in recent years where people have embraced adoption. We in society have become more aware that there are many animals that have no home and are ready to be loved. We recognize that this movement has also been at least partially driven by opposition to breeding mills. While it’s true that many of the places can be, to put it mildly, less than ideal, there are also many breeders out there that are conscientious and ethical. In this blog, we don’t want to argue for or against breeders and mills, we just want to talk about the wonderful benefits of adopting a pet. Let’s get started.

More choices

Adopting shelter animal is a way to save a life. It will give them a new look on life and give another animal the chance of being saved.

When it comes to adopting a pet, shelters offer a variety of choices that you can’t really find anywhere else. Cats of all sizes and breeds and mixes can be found in any given adoption center. They also offer cats of various ages. Some people might not be able or willing to take on an energetic kitten. An adult cat that’s been litter trained and shows some maturity might be a better fit for many people, especially if they’re older. Some potential pet owners know exactly what they want, and that’s great, but there are also people who want to be surprised by a gem waiting to be discovered.

Saving a life

Adoption centers and shelters can have something for everyone. Finding your perfect companion can be an adventure in itself. It’s been said many times, but when you adopt, you are saving a life. In fact, it’s often two lives you’re rescuing because by adopting your cat, you open up room for another cat to be taken in by the shelter. It’s no small thing either, animals have a right to a happy life just as much as we do. We live in a world where many animals do not control their own destiny, and so it’s more important than ever to be kind, compassionate, and respectful to these wonderful creatures. It’s not their fault that they were in a situation where they had to be abandoned. That doesn’t mean we are obligated to adopt them, but for those who are looking to get a pet, why not consider a rescue cat as an option?

Emotional bond

You never know what will surprise you. Cats are highly sensitive to people and surroundings, and they will understand what you did for them by adopting them. They remember their past, and they are aware of how happy, safe, and loved they feel now. By adopting, you will forever receive gratitude and love from them, and you’ll have a very loyal friend and companion. An emotional bond forms from that. Sometimes, it can go deeper than the bond from raising a cat from a kitten. A cat raised from a kitten doesn’t know a world different than its own, but an adopted cat does know. You become a family that came together from separate lives, and neither of you will take that for granted. It’s a magical feeling. So, there you have it. Perhaps it can be something to consider if you’re thinking of getting a pet. When we said earlier you’re saving two lives, we may have understated. You could potentially be saving a third life: yours. There’s something about adopting a pet that makes you a different person. It’s more than about having a designer animal, it’s about opening up your life to another. When you do that, the whole world opens up for you. Let's change a life together.

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